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The Curton Lords first appeared in history with Raymond de Curton in the 11th Century, then with Regin de Curton in the 12th Century. They were in connection with the Royal Family of England. In this period, England was ruling over Gascony, which was already prospering with the commerce of wine. The Castle of Curton first appeared in the records in the 13th Century, with Amanieu de Curton, Lord of Daignac and Tizac.
At the beginning of the Hundred Years' War, Edward III of England asked himself Arnaud de Curton to defend Gascony and granted him, for his service, the privilege of justice over the four parishes surrounding the Castle of Curton. The courage and loyalty of the Lords of Curton was exemplary during the whole war. Sennebrun de Curton, "noble and mighty knight" fighting alongside Edward, the Black Prince, and Petiton de Curton, fighting like a real novel hero, became famous at this time.

History of the castle of Curton