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In the 15th Century, Charles VII of France, who had taken back most of Gascony, granted the lordship of Curton to Jacques de Chabanne. However, the new Lord of Curton was seriously injured at the Battle of Castillon, which sealed the fate of the Hundred Years' War. He died in the Castle of Curton. Meanwhile, the original Curton family was obliged to leave for England; it is thought to be connected to the Cureton family in present days. Curton became a marquisate in the 16th Century and remained the possession of the Chabanne de La Palice family until the French Revolution.
The castle of Curton was then sold to Citizen Rabeau, as a national property. By consecutive sales and weddings, the castle belonged to the D'Arvoy family, Hanet-Clery family and finally, Le Taillandier de Gabory family, who owns it nowadays.

History of the castle of Curton